White lotus – Sunset Restorative yoga and Relaxation 1h30

” Yoga teaches us what need to be endured  and endured what cannot be cured ” B. K. S. Iyengar

You will learn to free yourself from physical tensions, stress and get your mind to become silent. You will learn how to relieve headaches, anxiety and insomnia. Restorative yoga classes also allow the body to renew and rejuvenate.

We will maintain the poses for a long time with the support of the props to improve the alignment of the body and to facilitate the access to the energy nodes. We will explore a range of restorative and calming postures that are also energizing and rejuvenating.






Yoga should always be performed on an empty stomach. Let two hours between the practice and a light snack and four hours between the practice and a meal. Choose an outfit that does not restrict your movements. Yoga is practiced barefoot.


Ladies, some poses are to be avoided during your periods, so remember to inform the teacher, she will teach you some alternative postures when necessary.


Price: 800 rps