Tree of Life – One week intensive – Yoga Meditation Relaxation

This intensive class is a special moment where everyone is dedicated to an inner exploration, change and transformation. You will become more aware of your body alignment, your movements and your breathing. You will also learn the basics necessary to maintain a regular personal practice. The postures taught are regenerating and energizing, relaxing and meditative and will lead us to explore in an orderly and progressive way the different chakras or energy centers.

The daily program includes three hours of Asanas, one hour of Meditation, one hour and a half of restorative Yoga and relaxation and one to two hours of personal practice.


-6.30- 8 am: Inversions and self practice (according to instructions)

-8-8.30 am: Tea break

-8.30-9.00 am: Guided meditation

-9-12 pm: Asanas (Iyengar yoga according to the method of Sharat Arora)

-12-3.30 pm: Lunch and rest

-3.30 – 4 pm: Guided meditation

-4-5.30: Restorative yoga and relaxation

-5.30-6: Tea and sunset.