Spirit- Yoga and Vipassana Meditation Accompaniment.

The practice of yoga and meditation teaches us how to overcome our physical discomfort and our constant mental agitation. Thus, you will experience moments of pure silence and inner peace.

In this workshop you will prepare your mind and body for meditation practice, acquire a meditation technique during a Vipassana retreat, as well as tools to integrate these spiritual practices into your daily life. The yoga practice that we offer is centered on the therapeutic aspect, releasing the tensions present in the body. It stabilizes the body and mind, allowing you to dive deeper and deeper into yourself, to transcend both body and mind



Day 1 to 5 – 8.30 to 12:

You will follow a 5-day course, with three hours of asanas a day during which we will focus our attention on the experience of sensations. You will sharpen your mind to observe your body, which will help you a lot during the meditative retreat. You will also discover regenerating and restorative postures, which you can use to awaken your body before meditation or to soothe your tired body of hours spent sitting, meditating.

In addition to yoga classes, we will explore different techniques to sit comfortably and straight for long periods, without creating problems in the back, knees or hips in the long term because physical pains and bad postures are troublesome in our practice of meditation.

You can enjoy your afternoon to discover the surroundings and explore the Chitwan jungle

Day 6 to 17- 4.30 am to 9pm

You will immerse yourself in a 10-day Vipassana Retreat in the center of Chitwan.

Days 18 to 22- 8.30 to 12h

When you leave, we will accompany you and help you to maintain your meditative practice in your daily life. We will also experiment with energizing and rejuvenating poses, combining the practice of meditation with relaxing meditation poses. These tools are very useful especially for very busy practitioners who can not afford to spend several hours a day practicing Vipassana AND having a separate Yoga practice.