Green Shoot – Morning fundamentals Class 1.45 hour

The course is based on the fundamental principles of hatha yoga postures and their functional alignment. You will learn to feel your feet, to anchor yourself, to cleanse your body holistically and to let go of the tensions.

We will explore the essential standing postures, and / or according to the day of the week twists , forwardbeds or backbends, one of the fundamental inversions and one or two restorative postures. We will practice meditative yoga, focused on our body experience and our feelings. We will use props to help us. It will allow everyone to enjoy the full potential of postures, regardless of age, experience or physical condition.






Yoga should always be performed on an empty stomach. Let two hours between the practice and a light snack and four hours between the practice and a meal. Choose an outfit that does not restrict your movements. Yoga is practiced barefoot.


Ladies, some poses are to be avoided during your periods, so remember to inform the teacher, she will teach you some alternative postures when necessary.


Price: 850 rps