$15 -75

Canopy – 1, 3 or 5 days – 3 hours per session.

Total immersion in the practice and philosophy of Sharat Arora’s yoga method. You will learn the basics necessary to maintain a regular personal practice. The postures taught are refreshing and energizing, relaxing and meditative.

We will explore in depth and details the standing postures, twists, forward and backward bends, restorative postures and inversions selected by the Indian master. About twenty essential postures that will lay the foundation for establishing a regular personal practice.

Specific instructions and special therapeutic attention are given to students with restricted physical conditions. In addition to the fundamentals, you will find the inspiration to explore the depths of your being.

Classes take place at Evergreen Yoga Chitwan from Monday to Friday for around 3 hours. If students wish to continue their practice after the initial 5 day class, they can access the 5-day continuing students class and go forwards in their exploration.

1. Introductory 5-day course: Students who discover the center for the first time must begin by attending the 5-day introductory course. This rule is applicable for everyone, regardless of your previous experience. A teacher trained by Sharat directs the course. The internship is informative, stimulating, and above all experimental.

2. 5-day continuous student: After completing the 5-day introductory course, students wishing to continue their apprenticeship will follow the training courses. Additional postures are learned, and students are guided in more subtle technical aspects adapted to their progress.

NB: The course is a progression designed over 5 days, so it is the minimum time to fully benefit of the practice. However, to adapt to the requirements of your travels, we can offer three-day short courses.





Yoga should always be performed on an empty stomach. Let two hours between the practice and a light snack and four hours between the practice and a meal. Choose an outfit that does not restrict your movements. Yoga is practiced barefoot.


Ladies, some poses are to be avoided during your periods, so remember to inform the teacher, she will teach you some alternative postures when necessary.


Price: 1500 nprs for the three-day course, 7500 nprs for the initial 5-day training course, 7000 rps for the second 5-day continuing students course and 6500 rps for the following courses.